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Infant Toto’s Toys

Infants will touch, feel to discover so the best suited toys should be soft toys.

When looking for toys, look for toys that will promote children’s overall development specifically their fine motor, cognitive, gross motor, oral motor, self-help, and language skills.Newborns can see high contrast objects particularly black & white that are about a foot away, the baby’s toys should be bright, colorful, and high contrast. A good example is the baby gym with hanging toys.

Fisher-Price Music and Lights Deluxe Gym

Soft blocks are very important for babies’ growth and development, their soft texture makes them easy for a baby to grab onto. Some blocks have numbers, animals drawn on them to enhance learning. As babies get older they can safely bite, chew, and slobber all over these blocks without a care in the world. Stack them up and let baby knock them over again and again until, one day, they can learn how to stack one on top of the other all by themselves.Baby Einstein Explore and Discover Soft Block Toys


Developmental skills encouraged: Rolling, tummy play, sitting, reaching, grasping, and transferring between hands, releasing, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, object permanence, oral exploration, sound localization, sound discrimination, depth perception, head control among other skills.